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2 weeks ago
Julie Nash and @jamisonervin make the business case for preserving intact forests, outlining their importance beyond carbon offsets and calling for investors to assess the quantity and quality of forest commitments in corporate sustainability plans.

https://t.co/WQ9g8dZBSH https://t.co/pKriLoMThL
2 weeks ago
In addition to storing carbon, companies need to consider the vital role intact forests play in other SDGs such as water security, sustainable livelihoods, and maintaining biodiversity.

Read @jamisonervin and Julie Nash of @CeresNews ‘s article here: https://t.co/WQ9g8dZBSH https://t.co/bININ2HJf0
4 weeks ago
"a vaccine alone...will not tip the balance toward health b/c COVID-19 is not a disease; it is a symptom of an exhausted planet. The renewal of a healthy relationship to our one shared mother, planet Earth, is the cure" @jamesmaskalyk in @globeandmail

👉 https://t.co/Q0owXexlzd

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