The NYDF Global Platform is an engagement and collaboration platform dedicated to supporting and accelerating achievement of the goals of the New York Declaration of Forests.

About the NYDF Global Platform


The NYDF Platform seeks to increase ambition, forge new partnerships and accelerate progress on the NYDF goals by responding to NYDF endorsers’ requests for a dedicated, multi-stakeholder platform to re-invigorate political endorsement of the NYDF, to facilitate coordination and communication, to share best practices, resources and lessons, and to support ongoing monitoring of progress.

The NYDF Platform:

  • Serves as a secretariat to coordinate the advancement of global forest goals based on the expressed interests of nations and stakeholders;
  • Convenes and facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration to advance global advocacy and promote implementation of forest commitments;
  • Assists in the implementation of forest elements of countries’ commitments under the Paris Agreement and related pledges and agreements by highlighting and sharing best practices and linking practitioners to a network of organizations with relevant expertise and capacity to support; and
  • Promotes networking and communication among different sectors (countries, companies, indigenous peoples, civil society organizations) to help countries and subnational jurisdictions find external support to achieve the NYDF and other forest commitments.

The Secretariat for the NYDF Global Platform is provided by the United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with the Meridian Institute and Climate Advisers. The NYDF Assessment is coordinated by Climate Focus.

The Secretariat also collaborates closely with the NYDF Assessment Partners (, a network of civil society groups and research institutions that annually publishes the NYDF Progress Assessment.

Launched at the Climate Summit held at UN Headquarters in New York in September 2014, the Declaration is currently endorsed by more than 190 entities including more than 50 governments, more than 50 of the world’s biggest companies, and more than 50 influential civil society and indigenous peoples’ organizations. Click here to see the current list of NYDF endorsers.





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