Why the fight against nature loss should be a business priority

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    Madeline Craig

    During the NYDF endorser consultations, we heard from many endorsers that there is a need for more resources and learning opportunities to link the climate, biodiversity, and sustainable development agendas to provide further clarity on how achieving the NYDF goals can contribute to these agendas. Additionally, governments and companies are seeking resources to be able to communicate the value of forests and nature in the language of important ministries (like finance, agriculture, and trade) and business units (like procurement and senior management). The evidence for the value of protecting forests is there but it needs to be packaged in a way that convinces decision-makers and other key stakeholders from other sectors and business units to integrate it into the main priorities. Further, governments and companies could do more to demonstrate their commitment, through actions, to protecting nature which would send a signal that this is a priority for all stakeholders. both sides claim they cannot achieve the NYDF goals alone, therefore, both sides must work in parallel to achieve equally-high ambition.

    The World Economic Forum lays out the business case for protecting nature in a recent blog and makes the case for increased ambition from the public and private sector to drive change.

    “Business voices and action helped shape the Paris Agreement by demonstrating that fighting climate change is both good for the planet and an economic imperative. To achieve the same in 2020 for loss of nature, the business community has to demonstrate with a coherent voice that safeguarding nature makes economic sense. This will encourage governments to embrace a set of policies that can drive global systemic and transformative change.”

    Read more here.

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