Mega ecocide of Amazonas in Venezuela

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    With the implementation of an open-pit mining policy in the Venezuelan Amazon, there is a strong retreat of the forests of Guayana, a territory that by extension belongs to the Amazon, one of the lungs of the planet. The impact of mining on flora and fauna is notorious. Intensive mining is deteriorating the Caroní River Basin, one of the most powerful in the planet for its energy potential, which feeds strategic dams, including Guri, which supplies electricity to more than 65% of Venezuela.

    Malaria has resurged furious especially south of the Orinoco and its association with mining is inevitable. The wells of the exploitation areas are suitable habitat for the mosquito that transmits malaria, which is also favored with the change of microclimate caused by the deforestation of the forests. In the last two years we have had historical figures of the disease; In addition, it must be taken into account that people from all regions are mobilized to the state of Bolívar for gold mining and this has influenced its proliferation throughout the country. Other diseases transmitted by insects – such as dengue, zika and chikungunya – find an environment appropriate in mining areas, where the health situation is precarious and no preventive measures are taken nor is there access to medicines.

    Indigenous peoples have been displaced and affected by the advance of mining. We are in the presence of a potential ethnocide

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